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Portable Power Station Portable Power Station
Travel Trolls TV
“It does look like an apple product. The ring here is looking very aptly. I just love the size and weight for me because we live in a mortar home we’ve got to watch size. That’s perfect for in this van just down there behind the chair.”    
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“Here is a 4-in-1 power station. That’s actually a power station as well as a torch, flashlight, and also a power block. And it is lightweight which is almost great. This thing looks absolutely futuristic. I really like the clean color concept.”   
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Enoylity Technology
COMBOKIT Power station is the best and perfect option for a easy portable power station you can get this current point of time. 
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620Wh Capacity Max 900W ,Fast Recharge in 99 mins, 4-in-1 Detachable Handle ,Form Follows Function ,9 Outputs.Four-In-One Detachable Handle, Inspired by a red wine bottle and combined with third-party research data, the handle is designed with a shape that delivers an extremely comfortable grip. It doubles as a power bank, flashlight, ambient light. The hinge is made of ultra durable POM material for ultimate load bearing and extensively repetitive use.
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About E-infinite:
E-infinite is a company that insists on original design, independent research and development, manufacturing, and sales. We dedicate to providing energy storage products to the market and adhering to the scientific and technological innovation of off-grid living easy with our products. With COMBOKIT you can charge anywhere to all kinds of devices in the most convenient way!
Don’t underestimate the handle’s strength and stability just because it is removable. We spare no effort in employing the strongest material and the most reliable structure while designing the handle.It is even able to withstand a heavy load bearing of 45kg without any damaging effect.


Can the product be brought on board?
For the total product (619.2Wh), according to the International Air Transport Standards Regulations, It cannot. but for the handle (4000mAh) separately, it is ok
Why there is sound when product working?
The cooling way of this product is forced air cooling and the built-in fan is conducive to heat dissipation, so slight noise is a normal phenomenon when working
Is the detachable handle reliable to lift or not?

The handle is firm, wear-resistant and fireproof. Reliable and durable.

1) It can bear weight of 45kg for a long time (the main part is about 6kg), and has laboratory video for reference
2) The material is POM plastic, It has high hardness,high rigidity,high wear resistance,high lubrication and high fatigue resistance characteristics. It is commonly used in the automotive field, plastic gears, bearings, machine tools and other products that play the role of a skeleton
3) Flame retardant and fireproof is the highest level of V0
4) Video for reference:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JI7pGtaW5s

How long does it take for the product to be fully charged?
Use AC charging, about 99mins;
Use car charging, about 8h;
Using 100W PV charging, about 8.5h, and the charging time is determined by the solar illumination intensity ;
Type-c charging, preferred to support 20V protocol charging, about 10h;
The above data are Third party reliability laboratory test data for reference only. Charging mode is used separately.
Why the equipment cannot be used when the power is within the rated output power range of the product?
Products within the rated power range can drive
Please confirm whether the actual power is within the rated power range or not
Is COMBOKIT available in my country?
The two AC outputs of COMBOKIT I vary according to different countries and areas:
1. America Version: 120V, 60Hz, 600W
2. Japan Version: 100V, 50Hz/60Hz, 600W
3. Europe Version: 230V, 50Hz, 600W
4. China mainland Version: 220V,50Hz, 600W
5. Australia Version: 240V, 50Hz, 600W
How long will the battery last when it is not use? If I just want to store it storage,what can i do to maximize battery life?
In order to maximize the battery life, we recommend that you charge and discharge the product once or twice every 3 months, and store it in a dry and cool place with the main switch off.
Can I bring the handle on airplane?How much power can it provide as a power bank?
Yes. 4000mAh, which can fully charge an iPhone
Due to the unique design, May need 5mins learn to remove & install the multi-function handle.